Monthly Archives: December 2015

De-Stress At Your Desk – Wrist Stretches

This video contains stretches you can do for your wrists. Sitting at a computer and performing the repetitious movements of typing and using a mouse all day can cause numerous wrist and hand problems, including arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome, among others. Here, Gemma demonstrates wrist stretches that you can do at your desk. These are stretches that can be done seated, as well as a standing series using a chair, and cover all ranges of motion of the wrist. They include movements that counter balance the habitual position we hold our wrists in for prolonged periods of time.


De-Stress At Your Desk – Standing Stretches

In this video, Gemma demonstrates standing stretches that you can do at your desk. These include standing quadriceps stretches, rotational and lateral or side bending stretches for the neck and back, arm stretches, backward bending opening the chest and standing forward bends. If you spend long hours sitting at a computer, you need to take a break and stand up and move around. Standing stretches help get your spine and limbs realigned and refresh the body after extended periods of sitting.

De-Stress At Your Desk – Upper Body Stretches

This video shows seated upper body stretches that you can do at your desk. These include seated forward bends, lateral bending or side bending, and backward bending opening the chest. When one spends a lot of time at a desk, particularly if slouching or slumping over, our backs and torsos can become sore and not want to bend. These stretches help keep the spine and torso flexible while sitting.