De-Stress At Your Desk – Series Introduction

By | September 27, 2015

In this video, Pilates Teacher Gemma Pagliei of Gemma’s Pilates and Movement Training introduces the concepts of stretching at your desk. She visited the office of Dr. Marc Kossmann, to give him tips he could use at his desk which can be used by everybody. She covers taking stretch breaks at your desk, how long to hold stretches, and how to stretch safely and protect your body.

9 thoughts on “De-Stress At Your Desk – Series Introduction

  1. Michael

    These are great tips. Gemma is a terrific instructor. Highly recommended.

  2. Paul Sriberry

    Hi Gemma
    Thanks for the video, spending hours at my desk writing a book does become uncomfortable. Happily I still get out to ride some horses. Anyway glad to see you’re in the game. Its all good. With Love & Light PS

  3. Joann Pagliei

    Gemma you have a very excellent speaking voice . Well worth listening to info given.

  4. Patrice Rutenberg

    Dear Gemma,
    You articulate with passion, clarity, grace, confidence & knowledge. That’s you in a nutshell! You are uniquely comprehensive as a teacher, and palpably love what you do… true gifts to all your students.
    Patrice R.


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