Gemma Joins Main Line Healthy Living

By | September 28, 2015

I am proud to announce the launch of a new professional group I have joined, Main Line Healthy Living.   Main Line Healthy Living is an online video magazine/talk show, which is free to the public.  For more information about it, please watch the Introduction video clip below by our host, Dr. Marc Kossmann, and read his description of it underneath.  At the bottom is a link which will take you to the Main Line Healthy Living website, where you can subscribe.

Here’s what you find when you click on the “Recent Feature Interviews” tab at the top of the page: We’re bringing together the top expert voices from across a broad range of healthcare and healthy living professions from along the Main Line.

We’ve got our chiropractic expert, our massage therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, pilates and movement experts, and of course diet and nutrition. We’ll have regular contributing experts coming back to you with great information month after month. And we’ll have special guest experts visiting with us to shed light on specific topics along the way.

Are you a local healthcare or healthy living expert? Should you be a contributing member on Main Line Healthy Living? Use the contact form to reach out and let’s chat!

Think of this space as a cross between a magazine and a talk-show. Dr. Marc Kossmann, the host of our show, will be doing interviews with all of our expert voices, drawing out the best tips, tricks, and strategies for the residents of the Main Line committed to living a healthier life.

We will also be tapping our experts to offer you very special discounts on their products and services. These will only be available to subscribers to our members-only email list. And that is why you should subscribe right now.

Why subscribe? Not only will you have the convenience of getting our weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox, but you will have access to ALL the members-only coupons, discounts, and invitations to special events.

And what does it cost to subscribe you ask? Absolutely Nothing!

That’s right. Subscriptions to Main Line Healthy Living are free. So, I ask you, why in the world would you NOT subscribe?

Sign up right now for your free subscription. Hear each week from a different line-up of our experts with tips and strategies for living the healthiest life possible. And in the process, get to know your local experts from up and down the Main Line region.

To subscribe, click on this link:

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