Pilates Takes Time

By | April 12, 2016

Here is a post by a Pilates Teacher I studied with early in my training, Michael Miller of Michael Miller Pilates, http://www.hermit.com/.  I love the point he makes about the movements taking time to assimilate into the body.  The benefits are absorbed over time.

Cornu“Pilates takes time over a steady routine, 2 times a week at least, every day at best.  Memorize this sequence: 100, Roll-Up, 1 Leg Circle, Rolling Like a Ball, 1 Leg Stretch, 2 Leg Stretch, Spine Stretch, Saw, Side Kicks, Seal.  (10 exercises, 10 movements flowing one to the other.  (See why not everybody does it?) Don’t move at all until you have the sequence memorized.  Then learn the movements in the sequence.  Perform the sequence.  That is the essence of what Pilates has to offer.  ABCDEFG…”

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