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Read what Gemma’s students have to say about Pilates, movement training and working with her:

“When I first met Gemma I knew I was inflexible.  How inflexible I am still stunned to recall.  Gemma's greatest attribute is that she always made me feel good about myself, praising my progress (no matter how small) and sharing in my delight at my progress.  I was terrified to make that first appointment but every day I am so proud of myself for taking that first step, and so relieved that I found Gemma, who is patient, but persistent.  I am only sorry that I have moved to California and can no longer work with her, but I am continuing my Pilates and building on the skills Gemma taught me.”
Kim Oxholm, Fundraising Consultant

Gemmas Pilates - Student on Cadillac

“At age 65 I decided to force myself to exercise on a regular basis as an insurance policy to help prevent me from having to go into a “home" in my older years.  I liked what Pilates had to offer - core strengthening and flexibility.  At first, I chose group Pilates sessions, but found I was hurting myself because I was probably not doing some exercises correctly.  In a group setting, no matter how good the teacher is, he/she can't be totally focused on each student all the time.  So I decided that, for me, if I were to continue with Pilates, I needed a one-on-one experience.  That's when I found Gemma. I have been taking Pilates with Gemma since 2007 - about twice a week.  She is extraordinarily dedicated to teaching to insure that you and your body get the most out of each session.  I trust her because she is so focused and thorough.  And, because she is so knowledgeable about Pilates and anatomy, she is able to instantly modify any exercise to accommodate individual weaknesses until they are strengthened. To top it off, she is fun and up-beat.” 
Tina Englert, Retired – and loving it!


“I have been practicing Pilates with Gemma since 2005.  A few months after I started, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter.  I continued doing Pilates with modifications until the day I gave birth. I literally had to cancel my appointment that morning from the hospital!  Gemma was extremely adaptive and encouraging throughout.  I believe Pilates helped me stay healthy during my pregnancy and made the delivery and recovery much quicker and easier.  Two years later, I gave birth to my son, again practicing Pilates throughout.  During my delivery, my doctor was excited that I knew Pilates and had me use ‘The Hundred’ as my pushing method.  My delivery and recovery were even quicker than the first time.   As a former dancer, I enjoy using my body and flexibility to maintain my health.  And with Gemma's guidance and knowledge of Pilates, I am challenged and enjoy every session.  Thanks, Gemma!”
Hara Zefran, Fine Arts Instructor

“Gemma is great.  She gives me her complete and total attention from the beginning of the session until the very last moment. She has helped me to become aware of every movement of my body and breathing technique. I feel so much stronger and more flexible since I began taking her class. Gemma is an excellent teacher who is able to describe each technique in a way that each movement is broken down to its smallest denominator. This allows me to see how each and every movement I make effects me.  My stamina has greatly improved since attending Gemma's classes. I highly recommend Gemma as an instructor because she truly gives 100%.”
Cathy Richardson, Nurse

Gemmas Pilates: Student on Reformer


“I have studied Pilates and yoga with Gemma since 2001.  Gemma is a warm, supportive, knowledgeable and energetic teacher who understands anatomy and the benefits that Pilates has on both the body and mind.  She has shown me that by using my breath I can move through the exercises more readily all the while making the experience fun and informative.  Pilates has definitely given me a much stronger body and certainly has improved my core strength as well.”
Donna, Homemaker

“Thanks to Gemma and Pilates, at sixty–something, I have a lot more flexibility and stamina.  When I first started taking Pilates, I was out of shape and could not hold the basic positions. With a great deal of patience and excellent teaching techniques – thanks to Gemma, I have learned how to move through the positions and have strengthened my core.  At one point, I had broken my ankle.  Gemma modified my workout, so I could continue taking Pilates. – That is true dedication. What I love most about Pilates is the deep relaxation I feel after completing a session.  I highly recommend Pilates with Gemma.  She is an excellent instructor.”
Joyce Mosley, Director of Corporate Benefits

“Gemma has been my inspirational Pilates instructor since 2008. She is tireless and patient in her efforts to help me get the most from her instruction.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Bobbi Schimmel, 77 year old grandmother of 10

“I love the stretch I get from Pilates.  I feel that it keeps me limber.  I would recommend it to anyone.  One works at one's own pace. Gemma is a particularly good instructor as she knows the Pilates positions, and is demanding as to the student's use of correct form and full of positive reinforcement.” 
Carol Klein Kaplan, retired Teacher and Metalwork Artist