Prior to beginning study with Gemma’s Pilates and Movement Training, all students are required to complete and sign the three following forms:

1.   The Studio Information and Waiver Form

2.   Informed Consent & Assumption of Risk Agreement and Waiver of Liability & Indemnification Agreement

3.   Policy Statement and Client Agreement

You may print, fill them out, and bring them with you, or they will provided at the studio.

Cancellation Policy

Gemma’s Pilates and Movement Training maintains a cancellation policy, which is standard throughout the Pilates industry: 

If you must cancel an appointment, we request that you cancel as far in advance as possible so that your space may be used by another student.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and missed appointments for any reason will be billed at the full fee.  If you have a standing appointment, inconsistent attendance will result in the loss of that time slot regardless of 24 hour notice.

Once an appointment is scheduled either verbally: in person or by phone, or in writing by email, it is the student’s responsibility to remember that appointment.

If sessions are cancelled or the studio closed due to inclement weather, students will be notified.

Late Arrival

All sessions are 55 minutes in length from the scheduled appointment time. Since Gemma’s Pilates and Movement Training schedules appointments back-to-back, if you are late you will be charged for the entire session and will receive the remainder of your lesson only. Gemma will do everything possible to accommodate you, but please understand that your session time cannot be extended.


Once purchased, tuition for all types of sessions: individual and class cards, is non-refundable, and all class cards expire on the given date from the date of purchase.

Tuition payment is by check or cash only.  Checks should be made payable to Gemma Pagliei.

Studio Protocol

  1. For safety, please keep possessions off the main floor and equipment space.  This includes water bottles, notebooks, cell phones, etc.

  2. Please turn off cell phones and pagers for the courtesy of others.  In case of an emergency, you may keep the phone with you, but please leave the room to take the call.

  3. Please bring your appointment book/calendar with you to the studio every session.  Then you will always have it with you for scheduling purposes.


  1. Please try to wear form-fitting clothing without zippers, drawstrings, belts or pockets: such as leggings, yoga pants, a leotard or unitard.  This will assist the teacher to see your bodylines.  If you get cool, it is recommended to bring a form fitting sweater, shirt or another layer.

  2. Please wear your hair away from the face and up off the neck.  Attention to the positions of the cervical spine are part of the work.  Loose hair also gets in the way and blocks vision.

  3. Please do not use perfumes or essential oils.  Personal hygiene and cleanliness are appreciated, but some students have allergies. Please consider this when preparing for sessions.

  4. For safety, please do not wear jewelry.  It also interferes with adjustments by the teacher.


Thank you.  We appreciate your cooperation and compliance with these policies.